The brand was founded by Carlo Natale, a visionary chemist with twenty years of experience in organic cosmetics and one determined idea: to make effective cosmetics from natural ingredients. Together with a team of biologists, he began to carry out research and to identify the precious active principles rigorously selected for their biological properties and visible results on the skin. That was how Mille Ulivi began, the line of organically certified Made in Italy cosmetics that joined the “free from” philosophy – free from parabens, silicones, sulphates, petrolatum, synthetic perfumes and animal-derived substances – combining effectiveness and excellent performance. Its inspiration is drawn from the Italian countryside. The olive tree, which is the symbol of the company and has recognized antioxidant powers, is used in its entirety in the Mille Ulivi line, that has skilfully combined ancient cosmetic recipes with the most advanced research in the organic field.