The revolution in certified organic cosmetics. Environmentally friendly and cruelty-free.

Mille Ulivi's team of scientists study the most powerful and effective active ingredients in plants, and extract them to develop unique formulas enriched with Gardenia stem cells.

The Gardenia, a symbol of beauty and elegance, contains within it unique substances that help to combat the signs of time.

To preserve the natural properties of this precious flower in their entirety, Mille Ulivi has included a high concentration of Gardenia stem cells with regenerating powers in its high concentration treatments.

The Gardenia stem cells offer extensive and significant protection to the collagen in the skin. They have an enhanced capacity to increase the synthesis of new collagen, reducing deterioration and inhibiting the synthesis of the collagenases.

For a skin that is visibly transformed. More beautiful from day to day.


Extracted from leaves and roots through advanced biotechnology, plant stem cells are the living “heart” of the plant. Plant stem cells are not specialized, and therefore do not yet have a clearly defined function. As a result, they are potentially able to develop and reproduce infinitely. Over time, the regenerating and restorative function of the cells in our bodies begins to slow down. Plant stem cells stimulate the division and proliferation of new cells, thus aiding the natural production of the substances that make up the cutaneous structure. These properties make them extremely effective in all antiwrinkle, restorative cosmetic treatments of the epidermis.